Parliamentary elections 2023

As a member of parliament, I want to promote the following issues:

-Good health care for everyone

-Sensible economical management of Finland

-Encouragement to work and entrepreneurship

-Human rights, justice and equality

-Promotion of culture, education and science

-Animal and nature protection, including the protection of nearby nature

-Genuine internationalism and democracy


I'm not a politician, but a geneticist and a doctor who founded his own medical clinic Klinikka 1.
My customers are hundreds of small businesses and thousands of ordinary people from the capital region, a large number of whom are immigrants. I want to help and support the sick, those affected by wars and other crises, and encourage everyone to achieve a happy and valuable life according to their own values, which do not have to be the same as mine. A doctor is mentally in the happy position of not judging others, but trying to understand differences, other religions and customs. I don't have a single drop of racist in me. It may be that I don't know committee work and law preparation very well, but I dare to say that I have accumulated life experience. I know both my own things and a little bit of other people's too. I have spent time in the company of Nobelists and as well poor as rich men and women, experienced the everyday life of a small entrepreneur and been a visiting researcher, for examble, in New York. I have written the science fiction novel "Only in Dreams" and made a film of the same name as a hobby.

I am Finnish, European and a citizen of the world. When I was younger, when Finland was just about to become a member of the EU, I opposed joining it so that we wouldn't lose the opportunity to decide our own affairs. Nowadays, I consider EU membership a good thing. Many things require international cooperation, free movement and free markets. However, it is not good if decision-making drags on for so long that there is no real possibility of influence anymore. Without opportunities for influence, there is no democracy and no interest in managing common issues. This also applies to social security solutions, for example: treatment solutions primarily belong to the patient and the healthcare professional who treats him. For example, in the treatment of the corona crisis, healthcare professionals have not been trusted at all, but in terms of both testing and vaccination, decisions have been made entirely at the upper-level of hierarchy, which may have led to very difficult problems at the grassroots level. The doctor should be able to choose the best examinations and treatments for his patient. Legislation, for example, which forbids doctors from using rapid tests without a separate and expensive licensing process, at the same time as they are sold to consumers in every store, seems completely absurd.

We live in a scary time when our neighbor Russia has attacked another neighbor Ukraine. I see no good in wars; I absolutely do not understand what Putin believes he will achieve with the war, other than destruction and deep human suffering. We must help Ukraine and at the same time care about our own safety. Joining NATO would help here, but I don't want to bow down to dictators. I don't blame the Ukrainian refugees for anything, at least not for Finland's own problems such as poorly functioning healthcare or the price of electricity. If Russia had not invaded Ukraine, we would not have a large number of Ukrainian refugees. Of course, the same applies to other wars: in Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, etc. The best refugee aid would be crisis management, war prevention and peacekeeping, as well as education, equality and healthcare organization in developing countries as well.

I became a parliamentary election candidate for Basic Finns because we need an alternative to current politics. Many parties make beautiful promises, but what is really happening to, for example, Helsinki's local nature, climate, Finnish health care, economy and science... I can't bear to just watch from the sidelines anymore. Let's think about Malmi airport. We talk about climate change, nature conservation, sustainable development and whatever. Then, however, we are destroying one of Finland's most valuable meadows, which is home to a thousand species of butterflies, rare birds, flying squirrels and meadow plants. The place is listed among the 7 most endangered European cultural sites. It is planned to sink 14,000 kilometers of reinforced concrete piles into the clay swamp below it, the amount that would be enough to go back and forth to Korea through Siberia. Or these piles could be put in 14 floors along the entire eastern border. The apartment buildings would be built on stilts 25 meters high, even though there is good building land right next door. The scale of this climate crime is unfathomable. Alternatively, we could develop emission-free aviation with electric airplanes to the provinces or nearby areas. Before its closure, Malmi was the second busiest field in Finland, in fact, during the corona period, it was the busiest at times, and Hyvinkää, Pyhtää or Nummela, for example, can never replace it. The field should be taken back to the Finnish state as part of future transport solutions.
I'm not the mainstream of the Basic Finns, but the party is perhaps the best to drive positive changes in this particular situation. We cannot blame immigrants for our own problems and I will always vote according to my conscience, for example to ban fur farms. On the other hand, I share many of the basic Finns' values, such as the goal of genuine democracy and that, at least in the beginning, let's take care of Finns' own affairs. The same also applies to caregivers, for example, if you don't take care of yourself, you won't be able to help your child, spouse or grandparents. It also does not make sense for Finland to constantly take on more debt.

Regarding the youth, I want to support education, starting from early childhood education, so that everyone get good opportunities in life. Instead of making drug use legal, more acceptable and easier, I want to reduce drug use and actions in front of such a world and reality, from which no one needs to escape with the help of drugs.

High-level science is being done in Finland, but high-level research requires money. The majority of doctoral candidates cannot continue working in science in any field. It is a loss for society as a whole. Only through research and product development do we get companies like Nokia, Vaisala or Suunto, or new medical inventions. For example, the development of the Finnish corona vaccine would have required better funding. Without our own expertise, we cannot participate in international projects either.

As long as the voters support my ideas and vote for me, I also want to build the future of the Basic Finnish Party in the direction of these views.